Beautiful girl with Suitor old

Once upon a time a farmer in rural that many money was borrowed from an old man, so that.

Many wished to marry the farmer's beautiful daughter who was with him. show said we dont have a job, I have a black pebble and a white pebble cast in a bag empty, girl you should close your eyes and pull out one of these two. .

This interview was conducted in front of the farmer's house and the land was filled with gravel. At the same time the old man bent down and picked up two pebbles. She thought he had found his eye Two black pebble of the ground and threw the bag. But said nothing! Then the old man asked the girl to bring one of them out of the bag.

Imagine if you were there, what would you do? What advice would you have for the girl?

If we analyze the situation you'll find that there are three possibilities:

One young girl must reject the offer.

2 both gravel to bring and show that the old man is a fraud.

3 pull out one of those black pebbles and imprisoned his father not to marry an old man.

Think for a moment to this agreement. This shows the difference between rational thinking and thinking that so-called collateral. The young girl's dilemma can not be solved by rational thinking. The results of each of these three options you can think, what would you do if you were?

And that's what that girl was clever:

Find it in bulk gravel pebbles other was impossible. At that moment, the girl said: Oh, how clumsy I am! But it does not matter. The result was that 100 per cent in their favor.

1 There is always a solution to complex problems.

2 It is true that we do not look at the issues from a good angle.

3 your life can be full of ideas and thoughts are positive and wise decision!

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