Correction Committee and its role in the Afghan constitution robbery

Constitution after the end of the Loya Jirga (serious 14 1382), Karkmysyvn constitution (drafted Vtdqyq) are also virtually ended but a few days after the end of the Loya Jirga, the members of the Commission to Khatrmlaqat Drdftrya elsewhere or deposit their deputies together with the head of state they came. In one of these days (24 January 1382) Drafting Committee Chairman Shahrani Drdftrnmt party ceremony, deputy head of the transitional government scrutiny Drsdart Vdrhqyqt the party held last meeting with the members of the Commission were Hmdygrra constitution they say goodbye. But the same day that the meeting was held a meeting Abdul Salam Azimi, Mohammad Musa al-Ash'ari, Srvrdansh, Enayatullah Qasimi, Zalmay Hyvadml, Cowen Kakar, Bdalbsyrazdftryvnama, Farooq Wardak, Abdul Camus and John Arnaud representative of the United Nations, the main theme of the meeting was attended that the latest text of the constitution, which passed the House Drlvyh (14 serious version 1382) to Khatrjlh acceleration or neglect of the Loya Jirga was the last day of the session, numerous spelling errors in the text Vanshayy remained there even sentences or words sent to be signed.
the Commission, reform and adjustment carried out for technical and scientific Vhrbart read Vjmlh to its proper place and real text without errors mistakes and last set Vnvaqs to give final approval to the Loya Jirga.
Therefore, the date of signature of the constitution, the building was delayed for a time frame for the committee's work spread over ten days and even signed until the morning (6 February 1382) corrects some cases continued.
The meetings generally three important corrections to the Constitution adopted by the Loya Jirga (serious 14 1382) were:
A text Pashto, Dari Persian text was re-match, as part of several different stages Pashto, Dari Persian text was translated by. What many mistakes Azngah carefully Translating the text Pashto literature and what remains spelling Azngah points was even nominated for President in terms of Article 62 Jmhvrzkrshdh that "not Hmsrkharjy" This was a statement that was offered in one process of debates Loya Jirga but was not passed even can be there has also claimed that context it Pashto problems including Article 155 on the salaries of senior government officials, Pashto text the word "judges" there is a door while the text is available.
Text Pashto sector reform efforts by Zalmay Hyvadml high accuracy Mshavrryys was Jmhvrsvrt. Dari Persian text is also provided them with suggestions eight page that most of the aspects of spelling and partly it was also used.
(B) the text Dari Persian literature was also Vazngah punctuation spelling errors Vnvaqs brush the problems existing investments, all of which were corrected again.
(for approval) that have been corrected by the Committee, the main Vnskhh 14, 1382 approved by the Loya Jirga serious only in the sixteenth article, we will be like this:
Article XVI of this paragraph that the constitution is ratified supplement existing version approved by the Loya Jirga is not a "scientific terminology Drkshvrhfz the existing national administrative"
Srvrdansh (second Flamavn national unity government) member Drafting Commission, scrutiny, senior party member Vicki constitution Loya Jirga continued correction Committee adds that this paragraph version of 1382 can not be seen Loya Jirga dated 14 serious truth is that the last day of the Loya Jirga perhaps the last time, consensus meetings, it was agreed that chapter I, Article 149, which is about how to modify the constitution to be amended as follows: "Azahkam principle of Islam, the Islamic Republic Vtrmynalvzhy official national language, the , it can not be amended "
But the decision that the handwriting and signature and written in Pashto and Dari Hrdvzban Loya Jirga chairman Sibghatullah, was decorated, as it was for the last time, the text dated 14 serious correction since 1382 has not provided Vdrmrhlh correction Committee were (Article Yksdvchhl Nine: Azahkam principle of Islam, the Islamic Republic national Vtrmynalvzhy is the official language can not be amended)
What was the reason for this decision is another matter and perhaps accept this decision was in response to Asrarksany calling for "nationalization of Pashto language" were. This means that against Nzrkrdn spend their Pashto language Azmly, maintain national terms must be written in the Constitution. But the manner of its adoption legal Azngah is not perfect because the original version approved by the Loya Jirga must be imported, or at least Agrfrst print the original version did not exist, should be declared final plenary session of the Loya Jirga, or as a separate sheet or at least signed by Committee members agreed was Nichrome the film was made, was so far over the legal.
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