Find and care of people innovative

Find and develop highly creative innovators problem all organizations that are looking to grow. More than two-thirds of the leaders of international organizations claim that innovation is essential for long-term success.

In fact, discussions at Board meetings occur in many organizations, always revolve around two basic questions.

Part of the problem is a shortage of talent. Highly creative people are very low. Maybe only five to ten percent of very talented managers have the ability to innovate at any time. But the interesting thing is that the necessary talent, not the only one. Another problem is that when the talent we what to do with it?

Organizations usually have the same successful managers, rather than being innovative, are imitators. That's why the stars that fostered these organizations to replace their leaders, they learn to be successful, rather than innovation, should be imitated.

This strange desire rooted in the mistaken beliefs of how innovation organizations. . Then people from other parts of the organization must think how to implement these ideas in the organization. But in fact, many revolutionary ideas in a manner different from that stated happen. Innovative ideas are new. Many experts in their time of great ideas and sometimes contradictory information and choose the best among them. Then again innovators spend a lot of time in putting together the puzzle and find the perfect shape.

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