four natural ways to whiten teeth!

Yellowing of the teeth can be a sign of decay and mass density.It will develop after eating different foods, but using the following recommendations can be eliminated yellowing teeth .And its appearance was beautiful.

This plant is in addition to the treatment of a lot of suffering, teeth whitening is also considered.And mouth to protect multiple problems and diseases.Basil leaves are dried and milled then added to toothpaste and use it daily.

Salt is one of the oldest treatments for removing yellowing teeth.Just some salt and coal are mixed together and clean the tooth with it.Grain of salt, Tumbling and yellow layer on the tooth eliminates sticking.This milder effect than toothpaste.

The fiber in carrots act as tooth cleaners. Crime and also eliminates yellowing teeth.

baking soda
It neutralizes acids in the mouth and gentle tumbling.Beer gently rub the teeth, helps Yellow layers to be eliminated. The powder can be added to toothpaste.