Major cause of hair loss in men

Major cause of hair loss in men

Hair loss is one of the most uncomfortable things in a person's beauty. Hair loss has many different causes and reasons of the main causes of hair loss include hormonal dynamics in person; Stress and discomfort in person; Cases of hereditary hair loss and baldness and lack of hair care and infectious diseases and other major causes of hair loss and baldness can be. Hair loss and thinning hair in men and women is common, and unfortunately these days among young people has a prevalence . Below are the three major causes of hair loss in men to examine your elders.

Hair loss thyroid problems:
The thyroid is a small gland; But a huge impact on the body's metabolic function Hypothyroidism is a common problem that causes laziness gland and causes a lot of health problems and even cancer. There are many symptoms of hypothyroidism and one of the symptoms of hair loss that affects both men and women
If your body in addition to other symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, clenching together, neck pain, or general ill feeling that you should see your doctor and check your thyroid ...

Hair loss and high stress: You may also prompt anger; Every single hair has repeatedly asked that his heart what most of us when we get angry language. But the fact is that stressful situations such have an effect on hair
The researchers believe that excessive consumption of vitamin A can also cause hair loss. Vitamin A supplements are often prescribed to treat acne
According to the Mayo Clinic researchers stress is likely to cause hair loss ... / In the opinion of the researchers, mental stress, psychological stress three important ways and cause loss and baldness are hair.

1- The first is that stress causes large numbers of hair follicles (hair follicles) enter the resting phase, which causes hair loss during combing their hair.

2- high levels of stress-induced immune response to follicle damage

3- Trichloroethane hair pulling madness disease or disorder , That person is compulsive hair and his face and hands, and the disorder is caused by stress and frustration ...