What is the Secret beyond Afghanistan Currencies

Note: This article is designed to explain the Afghan Banknvthay which have recently been interesting. Design and language that is unfamiliar to many Afghans. If you plan on Afghan bank notes 10'll see. The Information Day, Lyvlyn Morgan's article in which the recognition of the scheme and review its history, that somehow Browse Banknvthay Afghan history is examined.

This, probably do not need to tell you, is a banknote. In particular, it notes that in 2004 published 10 Afghan and my last trip to Afghanistan in 2001 has remained in my wallet. What I did not pay attention to it all the time. When I realized that the Spirit of God Jacobite last week drew my attention to it, logo / badge in the top right corner, above the photo of the building (the tomb of Ahmad Shah Durrani, who is considered the founder of Afghanistan's Kandahar)

This seal of Da Afghanistan Bank, Afghanistan's central bank, which in 1939 AD (1318 AH) was established. But in the name of the bank to Pashto and Arabic script in Latin script at the bottom, there is the ancient Greek text, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ ΕΥΚΡΑΤΙΔΟΥ (Avkratyd Great King). Avkratyd, the Greek king of Bactria (northern Afghanistan almost) in the second century BC. What is shown in the center of the seal, in fact, one of his coins. In the bottom photo, a Ttradrakhma / Ttradrhm silver with a similar design:

The [launch] This blog is basically trying my best to answer the questions that I asked Ruhollah Jacob, a very good question: the image on the coin is a two thousand year old Greek king, what makes Afghanistan the current bill

And the coins and Avkratyd begin with. Image of the bill, "the" coin. The "obverse" King's image of itself, a helmet and cloak, but on the flip side of that is surrounded by names and titles Avkratyd, two Aspsvar are delighted to march on the Conical hats spikes and long spears sharp in their hands. Their equipment, their military tactics Macedonian (Greek kings of Bactria all direct or indirect heirs of Alexander's conquests in this region) and cavalry because it was known that the West, associate. But the stars on each of them, set them as Castor and Pollux, sons of Zeus goddess of Lida introduced.

Avkratyd, like all Greek rulers in the border areas of India, a person is less well known. He was probably in the west to power; certainly seems that his reign had been harsh, potentially to the North-West India expanded his campaign and his death probably occurred at the hands of his own son. Apollodorus of Rtymyta (in Strabo 15.1.3) him "the ruler of thousands of the city," the particular one of these cities know that Avkratydya known and may be the most important point of archeology, among women, in North East Afghanistan. On the other hand, this story is not possible with the information we have about Avkratyd.

In the midst of war and the establishment / rename cities, Avkratyd number of coins was minted very creative (that is tangible evidence that we have about him) described himself as a "big / great" on these coins is one of the innovations and creativity and almost certainly suggest that strength in her grasp, in fact, very vulnerable. Charles Mason, a Ferrari around Bagram, north of Kabul ancient While struggling and searching, he wrote: "Eucratides I coins or large, is very active in many different applications." But the most famous coin weighing 169.2 grams Avkratyd the so-called Avkratydyvn, the largest remaining gold coins from antiquity, is. These coins are now in the National Library in Paris.

A famous designer and normal findings at that time in Afghanistan. We still need to present the bill to explain it. But the first step is to show why Da Afghanistan Bank, was established in 1939 when it accepted the plan. Answer [the question], understanding the perception of Afghanistan's interesting to see that in that moment.

The establishment of a central bank in Afghanistan, part of a project to modernize Afghanistan Sheriff companions during the regime of King Zahir Shah (King of Afghanistan from 1933 to 1973), respectively. Afghanistan with European countries and countries accept the "advanced" such as Iran and Turkey as patterns, Islamic, have made him developed the institutions of a state. In response to the wave of nationalism in the world in 1930, according to Robert Crius in his excellent book (modern Afghanistan), "said test Afghans their right to belong in this world of nation-states with a language, culture and national history faced ". (Page 156). This could form the national financial institutions as well as discriminatory policies against non-Muslims, especially Jews, to be oneself. But the image of a 2000-year-old coin, with its apparent contradictions, could be a symbol of progress in Afghanistan in the 1930s.

Shnasyyy is described in ancient works that have been carried out in Afghanistan in the past two decades, lies. Archaeology in Afghanistan, as may be agreed and King Amanullah and the French government in 1992 to establish the French Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan (DAFA) was started. In the late 1930s, as explained Neil Green ( "The discovery of Buddha in Afghanistan: Afghanistan's history of civilization and the nationalization of ancient times", International Journal of Middle East Studies 49 (2017), 47-70), a French archaeological sites such as the Bagram and Gifts to help the Afghan leadership benefits financed. National Museum of Afghanistan in 1931, moved to its new location in Kabul Darulaman area, mostly by French discoveries have turned to one of the richest wines in the world. According to the Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of France, in 1937. "Several ministers [of] ... the King himself visited the excavations at Bagram exhibition at the Museum of Kabul was a visitor."

then the focus of national identity and history of Afghanistan. This new emphasis by the activities of the French Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, "Dafa" was easy, but Afghanistan's efforts to align their historical identity with what is "green" as "norms of civilization" developed world - Afghanistan hope it will gradually join the call, also show. Afghanistan, by highlighting his Greek heritage, can claim a stake in the classic roots of Europe and the West. Bank of civilization and modernity represent a government in the 1930s, but Yi coins Greek writing on it as well as it did.

The article "Green" Ahmad Ali Kohzad this cultural change was a key figure, focuses Afghan archaeologist with the French Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan and then in a series of publications had worked Persian language and gain insight by French about the ancient history of Afghanistan's elite Afghanistan and beyond. I think Kohzad more than that now can show directly involved in the project.

So, Avkratyd like State Bank of Afghanistan to seal and contain a lot of information about the aspirations of Afghanistan in the 1930s. But still must explain how he got the bill?
It was in 1970, but in this case I think the Western Greeks had developed little relevance. Take a look at these four bills Afghanistan (pictures are all taken pictures of Banknote World), the first bank Zahir Shah in 1967

The latter of Daoud Khan (1977). His cousin, King Zahir Shah was ousted in 1973 and established a republic.

Third since 1978 by the Communist government NM Turkish and Hafizullah Amin overthrew and killed David had been published.

And the end of 1979 and 1980 and the first bill that Avkratyd him (though he has been obverse) banknotes issued by the Communist government of Babrak Karmal and Mdkhlh by the Soviets after Amin had been overthrown, Installed

Each of them is a manifestation of this bill on "national" is. The notes [Volume] Zahir Shah, a mosque, the pulpit and the altar, as a symbol of ancient Afghanistan. David it with an eagle, symbol of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, will replace. But the picture is very different Turkish regime, groups of crops that surround the logo and show Zahir Shah and David have been preserved, but inside it contains the name of their faction, the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan is. When the flag Carmel - the Communist Party - by the Soviets came to power, DAB chose a replacement for this image.

Regime Turkish / Amin was extremely brutal (N. Arbabzadh sad article about the crimes they [are] written) and radical reforms and Jvlanhyy the regime tried to impose on Afghanistan, which prompted Khyzshhayy ten-year resistance against the Soviet occupation was. The immediate goal of ousted Amin from power by the Soviets (who was at the same time get rid of the evil Turkish) intervened in late 1970. time to consider a broader-based economy and a national project, not a small faction of resources, implies (although there is a bank name prominently on all notes.)

But Avkratyd a project / un-Islamic role as the "flag" was. Zahir Mosque of the Islamic clearly: Eagle Republic pulpit and David still had on his chest. In the 1930s, a king of ancient Greece had represented civilization and development. He secularism here, and I think also represent the nation of Afghanistan. It is strange that the name of a king and a pair of savior gods could do such a thing, but the use of Greco-Roman world for endorsements / Pshtnvysy surprise is endless.

Remove an article by BBC Persian on Afghanistan notes that it Ruhollah Jacobite found, at the time of writing this article was very helpful to me (is scanned in the main text). Most of the information about Avkratyd and he has earned my coin multiply, thanks to "The Lost World of the Golden King), Frank Holt books about numismatics Afghanistan. He cowardly at the end of this book (page 209) notes that little Greek letters spelling mistake on the bill and instead Delta Avkratyd speak in the name Lmda been used: ΕΥΚΡΑΤΙΛΟΥ not ΕΥΚΡΑΤΙΔΟΥ. However, I, after Ruhollah detection, more than ever Afghani notes in my wallet I was interested.

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