A natural medicine for lowering blood sugar

An expert on traditional medicine, said: cinnamon, drugs to reduce blood sugar in people is effective .

Khosravi said: Cinnamon has many properties that it is used as food and medicine.He added: cinnamon as a spice in food offer families a lot of benefits and some boiled.

Khosravi cinnamon hot and dry nature. He said warm-natured people and those suffering from eczema,Sensitivity of liver, itching, hives and acute heat illnesses should avoid taking this matter.

He said: Cinnamon is a nutrient which is used to treat water, flatulence, lower blood sugar ,In patients with increased blood sugar and bone pain is used.

The expert traditional medicine of other valuable properties of this material boost sexual and physical ladies and gentlemen, he said: People with hypertension should exercise caution in eating cinnamon.

Stating that the tree bark is cinnamon tree, said: Depending on the taste, people benefit from cinnamon powder and turmeric.

The expert said that traditional medicine cinnamon is grown in tropical regions and the amount of allowable if it is in powder form Equivalent to two teaspoons a day and if Dmkrdh be two to three cups per day.

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